08 May 2016

Flooring G-Coat

Flooring G-Coat   
G-Coat safe floor for long time

Construction convenience
There’s no difference with epoxy product’s construction.
         G-coat’s hardening is rapid so that’s the advantage of it compared to epoxy.
         Ex) After finishing ‘putty work’ of G-coat, we can do top coating which is  
         the next process after 4~5 hours. In case of epoxy, after finishing ‘putty work’
         24 hours later, ‘top coating’ is possible.
         You can receive the best quality you want when you refer to the specification :
         however, most of the constructors don’t follow 
         Especially, G-coat has little smell and it is rapid hardening. So its possible to
         construct on most areas even on weekend. (In case of epoxy, smell and   
         constraints of hardening time make construction work on weekend hard.